Tel: 07719 791991


    Tel: 07719 791991

The costs ...

The price of one of our bunnies is currently £40.

There is a £15 reservation fee that is not refundable if you change your mind.  If anything happens to your reserved bunny here then the deposit will be refunded.

We will arrange a mutually convenient date and time for collection.  If the collection date is not adhered to by the buyer then there will be a payment for 'boarding'.  We understand that things can happen - so please talk to us!

What your bunny will come with …

A birth certificate
A pedigree sheet
A vaccination card
A bag of handover food
A bag of barley ring healthy treats
A life time of advice about your rabbit if you would like it

We do accept courier - this must be arranged and paid for by you.  A photo will be taken of your rabbit before it travels to you.