Tel: 07719 791991


    Tel: 07719 791991

Available Packages

Available for Fun days, Summer BBQs, Summer Fests, Christmas parties, Village Fairs, Birthday Parties,  Anniversaries, Family gatherings, Fancy dress parties, Halloween parties  etc...

Package 1

School, Fete, fun day etc event

Pitch hire - I charge price per face - full, half, quarter

minimum of 2 hours

I provide equipment (table & chair).

Package 2

Private Party / family gathering etc

£70 for minimum of 2 hour

£20 for additional hours after first 2

I will provide equipment (including table & chair).

Please could you provide a well lit area.

Package 3

Private Party / family gathering etc

£50 for minimum of 1 hour.

I will provide equipment (including table & chair).

Please could you provide a well lit area.

Package 4

For any corporate event please contact NKALKA directly to discuss

Please email to ask about availability -

Occasion, when, where, theme, start and finish time,

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Do you accept credit cards? (only via paypal Friends and Family option please)

No, unfortunately, I do not accept credit cards at this time. I gladly accept cash, paypal or BACS transfer.

PLEASE NOTE: For evening events after 7pm onwards, please add
    an extra £10.00 for every hour

Charities and fundraising events

We are unable to attend events for free as we already support our own charities of choice throughout each year.

Exact time or Overtime -

 ‘Exact time’ means the customer and I both know that painting stops at X o’clock and anyone who wants to be painted better be in line before that time comes. I will watch the time and warn the customer 15 to 20 minutes before the time is up so they know the painters will be packing up soon. I suggest the party host makes a last call and arrange a guard for the end of the line so no one ends up coming at the last minute and then getting disappointed.

When ‘Pay Overtime’ is chosen the host agrees to pay for additional time in half hour intervals, time rounded up to the nearest half hour, the final cut off time to be determined by the host at the event – a pay as you go option. We offer a 25% discount on this additional time (we are already set up and it allows for a few more happy customers) but we stress at the time of booking that this time is available only if we don’t have another party booked behind them so they need to make sure they book the time they know they will need and the overtime option is there to cover the unexpected and the spur-of-the-moment add-ons.

Travel Areas and additional Costs

Green area incurs no additional cost

Blue and Yellow areas incur a small one way travel fee - I only charge travel cost one way to your venue.

The distance is not set in stone and can be discussed if your event is outside the coloured area, as a guideline - any event outside the circle has an addition £0.45 per mile addition.