Tel: 07719 791991


    Tel: 07719 791991

Thank you for coming to visit us and find out more about us.

We offer a service for rabbit, guineapig, hamster, mice and gerbil owners. Going away for the weekend, mid week or a week at half term? Your rabbit will be homed & looked after.

We currently have a number of 4 foot hutches for accommodation. All hutches will be outside (our own as well) during the spring, summer and autumn season.
2 lovely big runs for rabbits and 2 middle sized runs for guineapigs ... all on grass and with toys and waterproof shelter. You are welcome to bring your own toys to help your pet settle with familiar things around them.
Our own rabbits are fed with 'Argo rabbit pellets' and fresh veg. This will be offered to your rabbits and 'burgess guineapigs pellets' to guineapigs.  You're welcome to bring your own food to avoid possible tummy troubles. Fresh water daily, and hay available at all times
All rabbits must have their vaccination against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) RHD1 and (VHD) RHD2. Make sure you bring your rabbit's up to date.


Due to a number of unfulfilled promises I am having to make a change to my booking policy and will require that the deposit for a booking will need to be paid within 3 days of the booking being made otherwise I will no longer be able to maintain the reserved accommodation and it will be re-released.
I trust this you will understand the situation and not be an inconvenience to you.
kind regards
helen k-a