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    Tel: 07719 791991

Breeder's Page

We have our own Dwarf Hotot rabbits - 1 breeding doe and a proven Dwarf Netherland Otter  buck.

We also have Minilop rabbits - 6 breeding doe and 3 proven a Blue Otter, a fawn and an orange buck.

We breed our does no more than 2-3 times a year to give them time to recover - although if allowed they would have a litter a month!!!!

All our does take beautiful care of their litters and bring them up to eat Argo rabbit pellets, hay (meadow hay), fresh veg and fresh water from bottles and bowls.

We handle the kits from an early age with care (and mum's approval!) so they are used to being handled by adults and children.  They will not be allowed to leave us until they are 8 weeks old at the minimum.  If a pair is going together then we are happy for them to go together as they are very socialable pets and need company.  If only one is going then we usually wait until they are 9 weeks old.  There is NO guarantee of the gender of the rabbits when they go to their new loving home, we can have a good guestimate but not totally sure until 10 weeks old.  All kits will come with handover food unless you are feeding the same pellets and hay.

We recommend that the bucks neutered from about 12 weeks onwards at a good vet - we use Donaldson's vet in Thongsbridge, Holmfirth.